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  • H.Horn ZES is specialist of planing for Photovoltaik-Solar-Cells systems and knows since more than 30 years the complete market of renewable energy.

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  • H-Horn ZES search for the customers the best moduls of efficiency and price.

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  • H.Horn ZES is one of the leader in the development of renewable energy

  • You search for a protecting invest????

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  • You onwner of a company and you want to save the cost of energy???

    Yes, we give you advice......also for governments whole in the world!

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  • You like to build a (Green-)Solar-House ???....Or you want to renovation your hotel to a Green-Solar-Hotel????.....

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       H.Horn ZES can plan this techniques for you!!!

  • H.Horn ZES had develop this house typs for to save the mony and to help the inviroment!!!

  • H.Horn ZES plans Thermal-Solar-Systems for hot water in your house....also for Hotels.....

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